Episode 14: Je Fait Verdun

The Battle of Verdun came to an end on December 18, 1916.But the Verdun salient remained a violent sector of the Western Front until the very last days of World War One.


In this final episode of the Battle of Verdun Podcast the after-effects of the 1916 onslaught in the Meuse are covered, from military losses to political casualties to the lingering effects on the battle on the battlefield itself.
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Quick Update and…Thanks!!!

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Quick update: Episode 13 is in the works and will be posted within the next few days.

Also a Youtube link to a French WW1 film I saw on 151ème Régiment d’Infanterie de Ligne (WWI French Reenacting)’s FaceBook page:


Episode 11: Little Willie’s Last Thrust

July 1916 begins and the Battle of the Somme erupts to relieve pressure at Verdun. The Germans begin to divert all available resources for the new battle.


The German 5th Army at Verdun makes one more attempt to break through on the Right Bank of the River Meuse. The line Fleury-Fort Souville-Fort Tavannes is attacked to clear the last defensible ridge line before Verdun.
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Episode 9: Fury in the Desert

With terrible losses and plummeting morale, the French 2nd Army strains to hold the Right Bank after the fall of Fort Vaux. The German 5th Army continues its attacks, focusing on the Ouvrage de Thaiumont – Fleury – Fort Souville ridge line just three miles northeast of Verdun.

In the blazing heat of June, the French and Germans fight desperately in the artillery-plowed lunar landscape. The French fight to hold the line. The Germans fight to break it.
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Episode 7: Dogfights Over Death Ground

While the Battle of Verdun raged on the ground, it raged in the sky as well. Control of the airspace over the battlefield shifted hands several times during the course of the fighting.


All of the famous pilots met and fought at Verdun: the great Guynemer, Navarre, Nungesser, the Lafayette Escadrille on the French side and  and the magnificent Oswald Boelcke as well. Planes dived, clashed and shot at each other over the trenches as the German and French air services fought for control of the skies.
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